Movies for Halloween

I picked five movies that I think are good for Halloween. I tried to pick ones that aren’t extremely popular or overrated (except for Halloween) because it seems like when you look at other sites who list their favorite horror films, they always list the same movies over and over. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t mind a mainstream horror movie IF it’s good, but I like the lesser-known ones because they feel more special.

The first film is Satan’s Little Helper, a low-budget movie. A little boy is obsessed with a game called Satan’s Little Helper. He wants to meet Satan, so he can…yes, you guessed it…become his helper. Well, when he first meets Satan, the little boy is happy to oblige. He tells Satan to run over a pregnant woman while Satan pushes him in a shopping cart, they go to the store to get candy, and pick up poison to put in the candy.This movie is hilarious, and kind of creepy when you think of the fact that Satan changes disguises and follows the family constantly.

The next movie is Dead End, by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa . I saw this film years ago, and I liked it then. It is definitely an underrated movie, which is a shame. Frank, Laura, Richard, Marion and her boyfriend are headed to Laura’s mother’s house for Christmas dinner. Well, Frank decides to take a shortcut, which turns out to be just about the dumbest thing he could’ve done. It’d be creepy to not be able to get to where you’re going…just going in circles over and over. The woman they meet isn’t the sweetest thing, either.

My next pick is Frozen, by Adam Green. Childhood friends Dan and Joe, along with Dan’s girlfriend, go to a ski resort. They convince the attendant to let them on because they don’t want to pay full price. On the way up, the ski lift shuts down, but starts up again. Before they go home, they are eager to take one last run down the hill. It is dark by now and they discover that the resort has closed because of a storm. They eventually get trapped in the air, and what ensues is a creepy story of three teens waiting for help, to no avail. I like this movie because it plays on the fear of heights, the fear of freezing to death, and the fear of not knowing what is out there, waiting to get you.

My fourth pick is Trick ‘r Treat, by Michael Dougherty. This movie is clever because it tells four different Halloween-related stories. The one element that ties the stories together is Sam, the adorable little trick-r-treater dressed in orange pajamas and a burlap sack. His purpose in the film is to remind people to obey the rules of Halloween. This movie has women turning into werewolves, a serial killer/principal, a neat story surrounding a school bus accident, and a woman’s severed head with a giant lollipop in her mouth. And that’s not all. This movie is a unique take on fairy tales and myths surrounding Halloween, and I hope there’s a sequel.

My last movie is Halloween by John Carpenter. This is the biggest movie on my list, in terms of popularity. Michael Myers stalks and murders babysitters on Halloween night. The movie starts with Myers killing his sister. He is hospitalized but eventually escapes. He stalks Laurie Strode as she babysits two small children. I think Michael Myers is one of the creepiest killers of any film, ever. Just the fact that he wears that expressionless mask, waiting to strike. Not to mention the creepy soundtrack…it fits perfectly. I’m not a fan of Rob Zombie’s version of the film…it’s hard to remake a film and do it justice. I’ll take the original any day! So, sit back, and watch these films for Halloween!


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