Dead Alive

I saw Dead Alive by Peter Jackson the other night for the first time. This movie was released as Braindead in New Zealand, but is known as Dead Alive in North America. I really enjoyed this movie. It has a good and easy-to-follow plot: a man lives with his domineering mother, and she is upset when he falls in love with Paquita, a shopkeeper’s daughter. They go to the zoo together, and his mother follows them and snoops. She is then bitten by the dreaded Sumatran Rat monkey. Slowly, she turns into a zombie, along with a bunch of other people!

This movie is gross (like the lawn mower scene), but in a good way. For example, when Lionel and his mother have guests and they are eating lunch, and his mother squeezes the thing on her arm and pus flies into the food…it was one of those moments where you’re like “Ew!” but then you laugh because it is funny. Or when Lionel tells his mother the guests are there, he sees that she has a piece of flesh hanging from her cheek and has to fix it. This is a great movie to watch if you like gross things, and if you like to laugh!


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