Lady in a Cage

I watched Lady in a Cage the other night. Olivia de Havilland plays Mrs. Hilyard, a wealthy woman who lives in a mansion and tries to keep her son with her by giving him all he wants. William Swan plays Malcolm, her son, and one morning he decides to tell her he is going away. After he leaves, there is an electrical failure. She gets in her elevator to head upstairs, but it stops working. She pushes the button for the alarm installed outside the house, getting the attention of an old drunk man. He breaks in and goes through her things. Soon, there are five people in Mrs. Hilyard’s house, including James Caan. This was James Caan’s first big movie, and he did an excellent job. He and his friends terrorize Mrs. Hilyard until she almost goes crazy. There is murder and suspense in this movie. I recommend it!


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