Young Frankenstein

It is very hard for me to make a list of my favorite movies, but if I had to, Young Frankenstein probably be on that list. It’s one of those movies that I could watch again and again, and I think that’s the sign of a great movie. Gene Wilder is such a great actor, and Marty Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn and Teri Garr all add something special to the film. Gene plays Dr. Frankenstein, headed to Transylvania after learning that he has inherited his family’s estate. Frederick eventually becomes interested in his grandfather’s work and decides to continue his work of reanimating the dead.

Some of the funny moments in the movie include the horses going crazy every time someone says “Frau Blücher”, what happens when the monster stumbles upon the blind man’s cottage, Igor’s hump on his back changing positions, the little girl flying through the window…to name just a few. .  Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder work so well together. We just watched this movie the other night with the trivia track and it was cool to learn new things about the movie. You just have to see this movie to find out for yourself how good it really is!



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