The Invention of Hugo Cabret

I just finished this book the other day. I really enjoyed it. I was surprised, because I didn’t really read any reviews before I read it. It’s more than a book…there are drawings, real pictures, and more. One of the things I enjoyed was the fact that the book was about movies; it talks about Georges Melies and even shows some pictures from his movies.

This book is creative, fun, and a really fast read (thanks to all the drawings and such!). I really recommend this for people who love books AND movies!

In the back of the book, Selznick talks about different silent films that inspired him. Some of the movies are on youtube, so if you want, you can see them there.



Established in 1984, the Criterion Collection is known for restoring and cleaning all films on their label. They’ve also helped standardize the letterbox format, bonus features, and special editions. The restoration is the most important part of what they do. It gives people a chance to see the movies they love, with good quality.

Snuff Box

“you thought it was gold but it was bronze…”

Snuff Box is my favorite British comedy show. Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher are so perfect together…they compliment each other so well. Matt Berry plays a hangman, and Fulcher plays his assistant. The show mainly takes place in a gentlemen’s club, but there are other settings as well. This show is hilariously brilliant…you have to see it for yourself. The songs (“I Got a Baby”and others) are great, as well as the acting. Trust me, you will LAUGH…again and again and again. This show beats any American comedy show, hands down!

Gifts for Movie and Book Lovers

Since it is almost Christmas, I thought I’d post some gift ideas for people who love movies and books. There are plenty of movies/books out there that I am sure many people would really enjoy.

First up, we have the  40th anniversary edition of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I think this is one of the best movies of all time, and this set comes with some pretty cool stuff such as a book on the making of the movie, a replica of the golden ticket, a Wonka Bar tin with scratch-and-sniff pencils, and more. There aren’t many new features on the discs, but this movie is a classic, so it is worth it.


Up next, we have the special edition of Casablanca. Known for its romance, this edition of Casablanca will not disappoint fans. The Blu-ray edition comes with a commentary by Roger Ebert, two documentaries, a passport holder and luggage tag, a 48-page photo book, ten reproduction cards, and more!


Third, we have the  70th anniversary edition of The Wizard of Oz. Some of the features are a making of hosted by Angela Lansbury, an international poster gallery, radio clips, a watch, a campaign book, tons of enhanced content, and MORE.




Here, we have Friday the 13th. This edition comes with movies 1-8, 3d glasses, a Jason mask, a booklet, Friday facts about the movies, commentaries and a lot more. Any fan of this franchise would enjoy this!




This book about Alfred Hitchcock and his life is sure to please any fan. It has pictures, neat documents, postcards, scripts, and much more.

Lastly, we have a book on the great Vincent Price. On Amazon, this book has twenty-one 5 star reviews, and there are only twenty-two reviews, so it can’t be half-bad. If you have someone who is a fan of Price’s work, get this for them!