Ready. Set. Kill!

Although Battle Royale came out a while ago (thirteen years ago in Japan), I just now read the book. My husband and I bought the movie not long ago, so I wanted to read the book first. Battle Royale is a really good book. After I read the first few chapters, I thought, “I have to finish this to see who wins and what happens in between”. I also enjoyed the little interviews with the director and the author.

Battle Royale has gore (DUH!),humor, and a lot of sad parts, which is what I expected. It is an all around very entertaining book. I was surprised at some of the students who were killed. Some I expected (and hoped) would live, but I ended up being wrong about them. It may sound strange, but I was rooting for some students and others (a select few) I hated. They were so cold-hearted, but I am sure that’s how Takami wanted it. This book leaves you thinking, “Could I go against the people I care for…the people I’ve known all my life? What would I do?”




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