Angel and the Gang

I am on the fourth season of Angel. I haven’t seen the entire series of Buffy, but I can still say…wow. Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt did a fantastic job at creating this world. While the characters do live in the real world, they sort of live in another reality as well. They fight monsters. At times, they feel that they themselves are the monsters.

I love the dialogue in Angel. The lines were so smartly written, just as they were in the episodes of Buffy that I have seen. When one of the characters reads their lines, it really feels like something someone like that would say. All of the writers were great.

David Boreanaz was great at portraying the vampire that gypsies cursed with a soul. I also equally enjoyed Angelus. He’s such a jerk, but it’s hard not to like him. I don’t think anyone else could have played that character as well as David. It’s nice to see Cordelia change from this sort of ditzy California girl into a more developed character. Wesley is this guy who is super smart, but Fred comes along and proves that she is just as smart, if not smarter. I also enjoy seeing Gunn transform from a young man with nothing, fighting vampires, to a hero.  I love Lorne’s character(not to mention, his awesome makeup!). Andy Hallett (R.I.P) was amazing at playing him. In one episode, they talk about how Lorne got his name. His name is Lorne and he is green, and Angel makes a reference to Bonanza, which I found really funny.

I’m almost finished with this series, and I’m going to miss not seeing these characters together anymore. Joss, David, the actors, and the writers make you care about these young people who are just trying to make a difference, even if it means they may get killed.

I look forward to seeing all the Buffy episodes someday, along with Firefly and Dollhouse. I’m sure I’ll visit Angel and the gang again someday soon.