One Note Actors and Actresses


It seems like Johnny Depp only does roles that have that “quirky, weird, strange” factor. We get it, Johnny. You don’t have to beat us with a dead horse, so to say. I like Edward Scissorhands, Benny and Joon, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape but I’m just tired of seeing the same character over and over again. It’s to the point where I won’t watch his stuff anymore because it’s just predictable.

I’ve never been a fan of Jennifer Aniston. To me, she’s just one of those actresses who can be replaced by another actress and I wouldn’t miss her. Maybe it’s because she always picks the rom-coms, and I’m just not big on those.

Seth Rogen. If it’s the standard nasty comedy with sex, drugs or alcohol, and people who think they’re funny, you can almost bet he’ll be in it.

Jonah Hill is pretty much like Seth Rogen, only slightly more annoying.

Michael Cera is the guy who always plays the “oh, I’m such a nerd. Let me stand in the corner and be awkward” character. Blah. That character has been beaten into the ground!


2 thoughts on “One Note Actors and Actresses

  1. I’m starting to see this criticism with Johnny Depp everywhere now… and I agree. He used to play all sorts of characters and within the last 5-7 years it’s like he’s found his niche. I remember watching a trailer for a sci-fi movie where he seems to be playing something different, so I’m looking forward to that. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the movie.

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