Walter Bishop


When I first saw Walter Bishop in Fringe, I was drawn to his character. One of the first funny scenes I remember him being in was the one where he was sitting in the back of Olivia’s car. He says he thinks he “pissed himself…just a squirt.”


When we first meet Walter, he is in a mental institution (see picture above). Peter and Olivia have gone to pick him up, to see if he can help save Olivia’s partner John Scott. Walter was a brilliant scientist, and it is because of him that the FBI cracks many of its cases. Obviously, Walter was relieved to be out in the world, but as the show progresses, we see that he has been away for seventeen years. At certain points, he is bewildered and confused. In one scene, he can’t remember Peter’s number at the payphone (he ran out of change anyway), so he gets scared and sits on a bench next to a nice lady who takes him to her apartment and feeds him, while he wears a fancy robe.


Walter Bishop is one of the best characters I have seen on a television show. He is a rich, complex character who has a lot of different sides to him. One of the things I found funny was that he could eat while messing with a corpse. John Noble was definitely the right actor to portray Walter…I can’t think of anyone else who could have made Walter the kind of character he was! Now…where are my Redvines?


“Do you know what you are putting into our bodies? Death. Delicious, strawberry-flavored death.”


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