May: Vincent Price Month–Day One


Since Vincent Price was born in May, I decided to try something new here and do a month-long celebration of my favorite actor’s birth. As some of you may know, if you watch my videos regularly on YouTube, I am a huge Vincent Price fan. What better way to celebrate him and his legacy than to do a post every single day?

I thought that for the first day, I would just talk a bit about why I think Vincent is the greatest actor of all time. When you watch Vincent, it is a joy. He brought so much to the roles he played, even if some of the films were a bit on the not-so-excellent side. Yes, I like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, and Peter Lorre, but to me, Vincent made watching movies fun. He always seemed to be having a ball no matter what he was doing. I think that stems from his love of life, of his love of learning, and his love of people. When I think about it, I’d probably watch Vincent in pretty much anything. I mean, I just watched War-Gods of the Deep and he was easily the best thing about that movie. He was great with humor and amazing with the sinister side of things. But he was not just a horror actor. People tend to think that all he did was horror (he liked to scare people!) but he did theatre long before that. He was even a teacher for a short while. He did dramas and period pieces. He wrote books (even one about his dog Joe). He was a collector of art and a lover of wine and cuisine. He got into trouble early on in his career because people thought he was a communist. He admired architecture. He loved to go deep-sea fishing. He wasn’t just that horror star who starred in B-movies (which I happen to enjoy!).

So I hope you’ll pull up a seat and stay a while. Maybe you’ll learn something new. Vincent once said, “A man who limits his interests limits his life”. Boy, was he right!



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