May: Vincent Price Month–Day Seven


The name of the item I will be posting about today is Witchcraft – Magic: An Adventure in Demonology. This vinyl was put out by Capitol Records and features Vincent Price’s wonderful voice doing the narration. On this record, Vincent discusses witchcraft and the occult. The chapters are broken up on the sleeve–one example of what you’ll hear is Hitler and Witchcraft. Over at, there is a section describing the record as such: Price seems to have fun with the more lurid descriptions, his voice and (most likely) tongue in cheek attitude giving a gleefully macabre and somewhat leering tone to lines like “fornication with the Devil, child sacrifice, feasts of rotting human flesh” and “the tearing of her flesh with pincers, her body broken on the wheel, her fingernails ripped off, her feet thrust into a fire, whatever horrors the twisted mind of the hangman could devise” in the two part section entitled ‘Witch Tortures’. Sounds like a great time, don’t you think?



There are even tips on how to make a pact with the devil! Now, I am sure this would not be easy listening and it would not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is currently unavailable on Amazon, and thought it is on YouTube, I would love to find the vinyl and actually be able to pick it up. I am sure Vincent had a blast making this record. Now go fill your goblet with blood and get to makin’ a pact with Old Scratch!



3 thoughts on “May: Vincent Price Month–Day Seven

  1. I would love to get this on vinyl but I have only seen it on ebay and it is expensive. Thanks for commenting.

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