May: Vincent Price Month–Day Eighteen

Today, I wanted to do a post that would also be a memory of my Mother-in-law. In Vincent Price A Daughter’s Biography, the last paragraph (specifically the last sentence) is very fitting, especially for this occasion.

I was in New York when my father started to drift away, and I caught the last place home out of the city. As we taxied to the runway at Kennedy, I watched huge jets from all over the world lumbering around us; suddenly I heard the thrust of engines and saw a plane ascend into the night–Alitalia– and I imagined my father, free from his failing body, taking one last swing over Rome before heading on to his next adventure. He died while I was flying home. Reg told me that my dad’s immense will to live made it hard for him to go, but I knew he couldn’t have gone while I was in the house any more than Coral could have while he was there. I knew that I would miss him forever, but I was glad he was finally free.

To Mom: Toward the end,  you were in pain. You were on morphine, thankfully though, because it helped. And like Victoria says in the last paragraph, we know that will miss you forever, but we are glad you are finally free to just rest.


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