May: Vincent Price Month–Day Thirty-One


Today is the last day of May…meaning my Vincent Price posts are finished after I hit “publish”. I am so glad that I actually stuck with it. It has been very fun to do a different post every day and I appreciate those who took the time to visit. I can’t think of any other actor that I would post about every day for a month but Vincent Price was a special man.

If I could sum up Vincent Price in five words, they would be: kind, intelligent, talented, adventurous, and curious. I know it isn’t easy to describe someone in five words, but Vincent portrayed himself as being a very nice person who loved to learn and explore the world. He was a brilliant film actor and stage actor. He loved collecting items from different parts of the world. But most of all, he created many different films and other works for all of his fans (or “phans”) to remember him by forever. He was a man who was a celebrity, who walked amongst some of the other greats of his time, but he was also a man who absolutely loved eating hot dogs at sports games and deep sea fishing.

Vincent, wherever you are, I want you to know that you have a fan for life in me. The works you left behind are amazing and you will never be forgotten!


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